Configuring PPP Encapsulation

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Cisco routers use HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control protocol )as their default encapsulation protocol on serial lines. This works fine and there are no major problems with running HDLC however it lacks the troubleshooting commands that PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) provides us. I learnt the value of PPP about 10 years back when I was installing […]

Default Gateway of Last Resort

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In yesterday’s post ‘Static Routing’ we saw that we needed to create a static route to allow the Cisco router “AOIP.ORG” to ping “R2”. The static route that we created was ‘ip route’ and ping was successful to the IP address (R2’s Serial interface). The problem with that configuration was that […]

The difference between Run and Start and how to save!

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Every Cisco device has 2 sets of configurations. On routers and switches these configurations are called ‘running-config’ and ‘startup-config’ When you make any changed on a router or switch, the change applies to the running-configuration and will affect the router or switch with immediate effect. However, if the device is reloaded for whatever reason, all […]